Specifications, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Vision Pro, Apple's Latest Smart Glasses

APPLE launched the advanced smart glasses Vision Pro on Friday (2/2/2024). Despite its high price reaching US$3,499, Vision Pro is not just an ordinary pair of glasses. Apple claims to have secured patents for more than 5,000 technologies embedded in it, making it a superior device in the market.

Equipped with more than 600 applications and games, Apple Vision Pro comes with 12 cameras and 6 microphones that allow it to record videos and take spatial photos. With an aluminum body design connected to a "Light Seal" and adjustable elastic straps, these glasses offer exceptional comfort and stability. The Vision Pro screen provides resolution equivalent to a 4K TV and uses micro-OLED technology with 23 million pixels. Interesting features such as real-time PGA Tour shot tracking and NBA Multiview streaming add value to the user experience.

Powered by Apple M2 and Apple R1 chips, Vision Pro has the ability to deliver images in a short time of only 12 milliseconds. The Optic ID security system, capable of recognizing the user's iris, also provides a high level of security. With prices starting at US$3,499, Vision Pro has been released in the US, becoming Apple's first new product in the last seven years. Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to it as the "most advanced consumer electronic device ever made," with the prediction that Vision Pro will be an innovative milestone in the technology industry in the coming years.

Design of Apple Vision Pro

This headset features a design similar to ski goggles, complete with adjustable straps at the top, and has a "digital crown" at the back, which is larger than the one typically found on an Apple Watch.

There is also an additional digital crown at the top that functions as a home button. Although it looks like a computer around the eyes, this device is lightweight and comfortable to use. The setup process is also quite simple: Vision Pro will first track the eyes, scan the hands, and map the room. Users will then see an interface similar to iOS projected in front of them. By using eye movements and simultaneously tapping the thumb and index finger, users can activate the "select" button, allowing them to easily enter and exit applications such as Messages, FaceTime, Safari, and Photos.

The interface is also responsive to voice to activate Siri. Photos can be viewed in their original size or as if watching them on a large screen. Additionally, the Panorama feature allows users to experience the sensation of being directly in the scene. Vision Pro also offers the option of spatial photos, allowing users to view images and videos in 3D for a more realistic experience. What does Apple offer for Vision Pro? Here are its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Apple Vision Pro

Not Cheap Price

With a quite fantastic price for some people, Vision Pro is believed not to be easily sold in the market. Apple sets prices starting at US$3,499 for the standard device variant with 256 GB storage. Not only that, consumers also need to prepare additional costs for reading lenses sold separately, starting at US$149, and lens inserts starting at US$99.

In addition to additional lenses, there are also additional accessories such as a travel bag priced at US$200 and a battery pack priced at US$50. With the addition of these accessories, the total cost to be incurred by consumers can reach US$4,600. With such a high price, Vision Pro seems to be aimed at a market segment that prioritizes luxury and the availability of advanced features.

Battery Drain

According to Apple's official statement, Vision Pro offers a battery life of around 2.5 hours for general use or watching videos for the same period when the battery is fully charged, or it can last all day when connected to a power source.

Based on reports from 9to5mac, the glasses managed to finish watching the movie Avengers: End Game with a little battery power remaining. However, one drawback found is that Apple Vision Pro needs to be completely shut down and rebooted when the battery needs to be replaced. However, this booting process only takes less than a minute.

Advantages of Apple Vision Pro

Mobile Computer

Using Apple Vision Pro is similar to carrying a computer while walking. Vision OS allows users to access a variety of applications typically available on all Apple Macs. Users can access applications amazingly, with just a blink of an eye. With voice commands, various applications can also perform various tasks desired by users.

Thus, users truly feel as if they are carrying a computer that doesn't actually exist. Interestingly, Apple Vision Pro users do not lose sight of the real world around them. They can still carry out their daily activities while using various applications available on Apple Vision Pro.

Personal Cinema

Apple Vision Pro comes with two high-resolution screens, namely 4K in each eye. With this feature, Apple Vision Pro can turn any room into a private cinema with a very large screen. The integrated audio system is also very advanced because it uses Spatial Audio technology. Users have the freedom to adjust the size of the screen display as they wish. With Apple Vision Pro, users can adjust the screen size according to their preferences, regardless of the size of the room.

Gaming On-the-Go

Have you ever tried playing games on a large screen? Usually, a large-sized TV is needed for that experience. However, with Apple Vision Pro, the need for such a large screen is no longer necessary. Similar to having a private cinema, this device allows users to enlarge games as desired without sacrificing image quality. Thus, a large room is no longer needed to enjoy your favorite games according to your wishes and needs.

3D Camera

Apple Vision Pro is the latest device from Apple that introduces three-dimensional cameras. With this technology, users have the ability to take photos that are then presented in three-dimensional format. In addition, Apple Vision Pro also has the ability to record videos with a three-dimensional view, which can provide a more special impression on recorded moments.

Virtual Workspace

Apple Vision Pro includes various applications that are already well-known to users of Apple products, including very popular work applications. With Apple Vision Pro, users can create a spacious virtual workspace and can multitask easily. Interestingly, all of this can be done with just a blink of an eye and a finger movement. Even, the experience of using the Facetime application becomes more special with Apple Vision Pro because of the excellent display and audio quality. This makes Apple Vision Pro users feel as if they are communicating directly with others.

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