Here is the sophistication of Apple Vision Pro, Is It Worth Its Price? Let's Find Out

Apple Vision Pro is an ambitious project from Apple, not even calling it a VR or AR headset. So, what are its advantages?

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer described by Apple as "the most advanced personal electronic device ever created." That's quite a bold claim, especially coming from the company that brought us the iPhone, and there's a hefty $3,500 price tag attached to this new device.

Review of Apple Vision Pro

Available early next year, Vision Pro is indeed powerful, packing the new M2 chip and the new R1 chip designed for real-time processing. It offers eye tracking, hand control, and voice control, and it seems quite lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Apple has thought of several use cases for this Vision Pro, ranging from productivity enhancements with your Mac and new FaceTime experiences to immersive video watching, gaming, and viewing and capturing photos and videos.

The Apple Vision Pro looks directly like high-tech glasses, and the author means most of it in a good way. The 3D-shaped glass looks sleek, the aluminum alloy frame looks sturdy, and the Light Seal between the headset and your face feels soft and is available in various sizes to fit your face.

Helping readers' vision

Apple customizes the headset with special lenses to help improve the vision of the writer, something that will be experienced by all Vision Pro owners thanks to the partnership with Zeiss.

Apple will provide various sizes. Not only is this Light Seal comfortable, but there is also no light leakage at all. The spatial audio experience comes from two audio pods on both sides of your head, and this experience is also tuned to your ears through the same scanning as you do when wearing AirPods.

User Comfort

The flexible Head Band on the Vision Pro is also quite comfortable, complete with an easy-to-use dial for tightening that the writer tried, resulting in a satisfying click sound. The top right side of the headset has a Digital Crown that allows you to adjust the dyeing level, and the left side has a content capture button. Pressing the Crown takes you back home anytime.

So far so good, but there are some issues here. First, the Vision Pro has to remain tethered to an external battery, so there's a cable coming out of your head that needs to connect to the battery in your pocket.

Vision Pro hopes to leave other headsets like Meta Quest Pro in the dust with its lack of controllers. Starting with the 3D interface and eye tracking.

Highly Practical

The writer likes the fact that you don't need to reach out and touch anything with Vision Pro. You just gaze at the app icon and then select it by tapping your finger. And you don't even need to raise your hand, because Vision Pro has a camera that points to your lap. Scrolling is also quite intuitive. You just tap your finger and wave your hand from right to left. It feels like the future.

You'll find it easy to move apps around your virtual space. You simply gaze at the bar at the bottom of the app and then move it and pin it wherever you like.


There's a spooky feature that the writer has to tell you about, and it's EyeSight, which displays your eyes on the external screen of Vision Pro. It's designed to help you stay connected with the people around you, but it seems somewhat unsettling. When someone decides they want to switch the Digital Crown completely to immersive mode, you'll see different animations.

FaceTime Experience

Apple has also reinvented the FaceTime experience. The front camera on Vision Pro can capture your digital persona and then display it during video calls, reflecting your facial and hand movements as you chat.

Can Replicate a 100-Foot Wide Screen

While relaxing and watching movies, Vision Pro can replicate a 100-foot wide screen in front of your face, complete with Spatial Audio. And you'll enjoy 4K resolution when watching movies and TV shows. Vision Pro also supports 3D movie playback.

Additionally, Apple says that Vision Pro will play over 100 Apple Arcade games at launch and work with game controllers. But the writer wants to see games explicitly designed for Vision Pro, especially those that leverage augmented reality and the headset's ability to read hand gestures.

Delivering a Satisfying User Experience

Apple Vision Pro is designed to allow you to enjoy immersive photos and videos at their original scale, and you'll be able to view Panorama shots as if you were there. But everything gets much more exciting with the Vision Pro's 3D camera, which allows you to take spatial photos and videos.

So, those are some of the sophisticated features of Apple Vision Pro, is it worth the price? Please write in the comments section.

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